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This is addressed by defining the standard to be 0.95 times the activity of HOx I.All of this first standard has long since been consumed, and later standards have been created, each of which has a given ratio to the desired standard activity.

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Daniel Repeta (MC&G), Prosper is using semi-continuous radiocarbon distribution and advanced spectrometric methods to understand the range and distribution of radiocarbon within major components of marine dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and to link these to specific molecular properties in order to accurately measure the carbon flux through DOC and how DOC cycles. He is using the developed methodologies and reservoir age as a proxy to better understand carbon cycling and hydrologic changes of the Black Sea during the Holocene. As a WHOI postdoctoral investigator, Steve used radiocarbon to constrain age spectra in complex natural matrices of marine dissolved and particulate organic carbon. To accomodate the small sample sizes, she also explored the use of an elemental analyzer to combust lipid samples with the goal of reducing the process blank associated with closed-tube combustion and tested reduced-volume graphitization reactors which allow the measurement of samples containing Dr. This technological breakthrough allows the rapid analysis of compounds for radiocarbon. She is also devolping a high resolution hurricane record for the Atlantic coast.

However, because of limitations imposed by working space, we sometimes have limited ability to welcome outside investigators into our laboratories.

Visitors have used the facility's chromatographic systems to prepare samples for compound-specific analyses.

This more precise comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography is capable of separating one order of magnitude more compounds than the traditional gas chromatography method.

The system consists of two HP6890 gas chromatographs (GC) in series with a Gerstel preparative fraction collector attached at the end.

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