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As top Korean drama screenwriter Kim Eun Sook preps for her next drama airing at the end of 2016, having lined up leading man Gong Yoo (squeeee!

), it’s a good time as any to do a catalog of all the K-actors she’s made famous or made even more famous after doing one of her dramas.

It's a decision that will only be understandable to the person doing it only.

Even if someone else is going through a similar feeling, the decision is individual. Escaping from reality sometimes is a resort people choose.

The most recent two being Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo in .

It’s moot to discuss how utterly satisfied I was that he was cast as the lead in the K-drama remake of one of my favorite movies ever, .Her hands were then uncuffed, and she entered the courtroom and sat before a three-judge panel.When Judge Kim Se-yun asked Ms Park what her occupation was, she replied: “I don’t have any occupation.” Her longtime confidante and alleged co-conspirator, Choi Soon-sil, sat nearby.Top A-list male movie stars Jung Woo Sung and Ha Jung Woo wore contrasting black and white and looked every inch the decked out actor aura, while the ladies such as Kim Sun Ah, Kim Sa Rang, and Son Na Eun added the splashes of color and more delicate feel with their coordinating attire.Newlyweds Joo Sang Wook and Cha Ye Ryun continue to blind with their affectionate ways and I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced a pregnancy in the near future, lol.

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