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That site has an ability to turn words into concrete.” Responding to the accusations of plagiarism Beardsworth, who studies PPE at Brasenose, said: “I flatly deny the allegations, and would invite people to look at both articles and decide for themselves.” The editors of the Cherwell also denied Vice’s allegations saying: “As far as we are concerned the article was not plagiarised, and as previously stated these allegations did not contribute to the removal of the article from our website.” The Vice article follows a series of threats and abusive messages from Vice staff levelled at Beardsworth over Twitter in the days following the removal of the article from Cherwell’s website on Tuesday 21 August.

Some of the most vicious comments came from Clive Matrin, a regular writer for Vice, who tweeted: “So yeah, some Oxbridge wanker has totally ripped off an article my colleagues and I wrote.

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I've long harboured ambitions to get into the newspaper business, though I'd hoped to write the articles rather than feature in them. In the eye of the storm, your public popularity lies somewhere between that of Al Qaeda and E. But it's precisely because the remarks were objectionable that they were placed in a deeply insincere and self-deprecating context.

You have to be quite a tough nut to be catapulted from obscurity to national infamy whilst holding your nerve. It was written to be phenomenally, obviously and rigorously ridiculous.

Every late-August the municipality cedes the southern peninsula to another year’s crop of the youthful leaders of tomorrow.

It’s probably more shocking to find someone living in the south end who isn’t a university student.

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