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From Almaty Backpackers, you can get everything organised very easily, without the need to speak Kazak or Russian. I was off to Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan to source some visas so I didn’t have time for every tour, but a huge highlight (and one which I hope to write about sometime) was my day tour to Ile Alatua National Park.

A huge bonus for a lazy language learner like myself. Porridge and Cake I was there over Christmas time as well and this meant an extra treat of Lagman for us all, courtesy of our welcoming hosts. I’m forever inspired by the people I meet on my journey.

There's probably a few pro players who's homosexual, but I don't think coming out publicly on the internet to thousand of 12-year-olds is such a good idea, and they're probably keeping it to themselves/they're in-real life friends. My football club had a player who was really liked amongst fans and he had a girlfriend even a fucking son and when he came out after his career he stated that they were just cover ups.

If you care to do the research yourself type Thomas Hitzlsperger in Google. Statistically (around one out of ten) , it is impossible that there is no gay in the league, still no athlete has never dared to speak about it or reveal it. Anybody that is smart enough would never take offense of someone's sexual orientation but unfortunately discrimination against homosexuals is still too pregnant in society and on internet in particular.

Crossing Al-Farabi/Lenina Tired in Almaty on Christmas Eve. She showed me to my cool dorm room for the next four nights and offered me a cup of tea.

After a spot of blogging, a shower and even getting my clothes washed, I was ready and settled here at Almaty Backpackers.

Backpacking in Kazakhstan: Staying at Almaty Backpackers I arrived early morning into the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan after what had been a pretty intense few weeks of travel (I toured Chernobyl and Auschwitz in consecutive weeks).

It was Christmas Eve, there was snow in the air and I needed a place to stay.

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Foreign investors have poured more than 0 billion into the country during its two decades of independence from the old Soviet Union.

NEW YORK, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Saks Inc opened its first Saks Fifth Avenue store in Kazakhstan on Sunday, as the retailer seeks to tap a growing appetite for luxury in emerging markets.

The tri-level, 91,000-square-foot (8,450-square-meter) store is located in the Esentai Shopping Mall, the first of its kind in Kazakhstan, Saks said in a news release.

The mall is part of Esentai Park, a new development in Almaty that includes luxury residential and commercial towers as well as a five-star hotel that is expected to open next year.

The Saks store is being licensed by the VILED Group, a local company.

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