Dating a banker anonymous

You’re telling me that those suit-dressing, briefcase-toting number pushers and money counters have brought about the destruction of life on the planet as we know it? Last week I dined with a friend in a similarly high-stakes, big-bucks line of work, who told me he’d finally seen the light.

Created by the founders of the blog, Dating A Banker Anonymous, the acronym "DABA" has become an oft-referenced term within the dating financial set and among cultural critics."After Henry got laid off at Goldman, he spent far more time at bars and stopped engaging with me like he used to.While the entire essay reads like a chapter from that was eventually left on the cutting room floor, I’ll share ten of the more morally bankrupt statements AFG makes here.Related: The Pros and Cons of Dating an Investment Banker 1. Show me an investment banker and I’ll show you someone who hasn’t slept more than four hours in a row since he/she signed the first contract. The IB was forever forking out for pricey tickets to concerts, sporting events, even holidays, that were scuppered by work at the last minute.It wasn’t the addiction to sleeping pills or the series of failed relationships that set the alarm bells ringing.

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