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This person claimed to have moved to the nearby city of O'Fallon, was homeschooled and did not yet have a phone number.

A 16-year-old male named "Josh Evans" was registered on the account used for bullying messages to Meier.

Each level of gymnastics and each age group have a different requirement for facility design.

As a result, we have specified areas for our Pre-School students, our Recreational Gymnasts, and our Team.

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A new report from the Texas Public Policy Foundation, "Kids Doing Time for What's Not a Crime," explores the nationwide phenomenon of "status offenses" and the long-term effects this treatment can have on already vulnerable young people.

The American Academy of Gymnastics facility is designed to be a fun, safe and effective place of learning for all ages and abilities.

Megan Taylor Meier (November 6, 1992 – October 17, 2006) was an American teenager who died of suicide by hanging three weeks before her 14th birthday.

A year later, Meier's parents prompted an investigation into the matter and her suicide was attributed to cyberbullying through the social networking website My Space. During Megan's childhood she lived in the nearby Dardenne Prairie. From the third grade, after she had told her mother she had wanted to kill herself, Megan had been under the care of a psychiatrist.

Children who have only committed a status offense without committing an actual crime are supposed to be protected from this type of treatment by federal law.

But in 2010, about 76,000 young people were adjudicated (found guilty) of status offenses, and 8 percent of them were placed in a residential facility.

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